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MaineCare and Health Resources Overview

Comprehensive Guide to MaineCare Eligibility Basic eligibility rules for all categories of MaineCare. (updated February 2010)

Maine's Medical Assistance Programs - Who's Covered, And Who's Not Chart of all MaineCare programs and who each program serves. (updated August 2009)

Health Care Resources for the Uninsured and Underinsured (updated November 2009)

For Your Information: Can't Afford Prescription Drugs? (November 2009)

What Happens To My Benefits If I Get a Bunch of Money?
Different programs have different rules. Learn more about when penalties apply. (updated December 2009)

MaineCare Proof of Citizenship and Identity Law (updated March 2009)

MaineCare for Children and Families

Comprehensive Guide to MaineCare Eligibility Basic eligibility rules for all categories of MaineCare. (updated September 2009)

In Home Services for Children with Behavioral Health Issues or Mental Retardation, Autism or related conditions (February 2009)

MaineCare Proof of Citizenship and Identity Law (updated March 2009)

What Happens to My Benefits When I Get a Job and Leave TANF? Transitional MaineCare, child care, and transportation benefits can help! (updated October 2008)

Health Insurance for Children Up to Age 25 or Who Are Disabled (September 2008 MAIN Update)

Health Care and Prescription Drugs for Seniors and People with Disabilities

A Guide to Part D for Medicare Beneficiaries with Low Income
This in-depth guide also includes an overview of other state and federal health care benefits for low-income seniors and people with disabilities - MaineCare, Low Cost Drug Program, Medicare Savings Program. (June 2009; .pdf file)

Help with Medicare Costs: The Medicare Savings Program
Are you paying premiums for your Medicare Part B coverage or premiums and deductibles for Part D drug coverage? You may not have to! (updated February 2009)

Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled (DEL) and Maine Rx Plus Maine Prescription Drug Programs for people who cannot get full benefits from MaineCare (updated April 2009)

Estate Recovery and MaineCare: How It Works (Maine Legal Services for the Elderly)

Medicare Interactive Counselor
Online tool posted by the Medicare Rights Center, to help you determine if you're getting all of the coverage you need from Medicare, and more. (March 2009)

MaineCare for Adults without Children ("Non-cats")

MaineCare Coverage for Non-disabled Adults without Children (updated March 2009)

Medical Coverage for Non-Categorical Legal Immigrants (updated March 2008)


MaineCare's Estate Recovery Policy a Maine Legal Service for the Elderly publication (.pdf file)

Benefits for Women Diagnosed with Breast or Cervical or a pre-cancerous condition (updated July 2009)

Time Off from Work - What Are My Rights?
State and federal laws allow some Maine workers to use paid leave time to care for ill family members and give unpaid time for the birth or adoption of a child or family illness. (December 2006)

MaineCare in Depth (Policy Papers):

MaineCare Costs: The Real Story Behind the Numbers
Learn why MaineCare appears costly but actually saves Maine money.(March 2008; this is a large .pdf file that may be slow do download)


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