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Brooksville Harbor Ordinance

Shoreland Enviromental Protection Ordinance

Floodplain Management Ordinance

Forestry Plan for Sedgwick Brooksville Town Landing at Walker Pond DRAFT

Shellfish Ordinance

Local Food Ordinance

Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement between Sedgwick and Brooksville on Walker Pond

Wind Energy Systems Ordinance adopted 11-08-11

Ordinance Committee Ordinance

Wireless Communications Facilities Ordinance

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinance 2011

PACE STM 01.27.11.pdf Size: 105.68 Kb

Wind Power Development Moratorium Ordinance 2011

Brooksville Subdivision Ordinance 2005

Brooksville Animal Control & Noise Ordinance 2008

Brooksville Special Amusement Permit Regulations 2008

Brooksville Special Amusement Permit Application

Brooksville Application for Land Use Permit 2009

2009 Land Use/Subdivision Application Fee Schedule

Brooksville Application to Construct Entrance 2008

Brooksville Environmental Shoreland Zone Ordinance 2009

Brooksville Comprehensive Plan - Part 1: pages 1-42

Brooksville Comprehensive Plan - Part 2: pages 43-68

Brooksville Comprehensive Plan - Part 3: pages 69-120

Brooksville Ordinance Review Committee Ordinance 2005

This ordinance was replace with the Ordinance Committee Ordinance on April 28, 2011.