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DSL High Speed Internet

DSL high speed internet has limited availability in Brooksville. If you live within three miles of the Fairpoint substation located on the South Wharf Rd., you should be able to receive DSL high speed internet services from a number of carriers.

As of June 2008, those available in our area include:

1. Fairpoint: 866-984-2001

2. USA Telephone 888-872-9400

3. Possibly Mainely Wired (207-338-6530), Midcoast Internet (207-594-8277, and GWI (866-494-2020).

Wirelesss High Speed Internet

Peter Beaven's Attic WiFi provided high speed wireless internet access to a limited geographic area in Brooksville using several local towers. WiFi was purchased by Premium Choice Broadband (207-735-2611/www.premiumchocebroadband.com). They also broadcast directly from Blue Hill Mountain so that a residence with direct line of site to Blue Hill Mountain should be able to receive high speed wireless broadband access. If there are geographic areas not coverable by either of those options, Premium Choice may be willing to erect additional towers if there are sufficient customers interested in high speed internet with line of site to a proposed tower.

Refurbished Low Cost Computers - PCs for Maine

Participation in the PCs for MAINE project is easy - there are only two prerequisites:

1) Your need of a computer, support and computer training

2) Your total household income must meet their income requirements.

For more details, click PCs for Maine to be connected to their website.

If you do not qualify for the PCs for MAINE project, PC MEDIX Retail Computer Sales and Service program can help you. PC MEDIX provides the same high quality services to the general public, and the proceeds fund PCs for MAINE scholarships! - just click PC MEDIX to be connected to their site.

Other Internet Thoughts

Info on other ways to purchase inexpensive used and new computers.

Could we partner with local businesses to receive their obsolete computers?

Info on on-site as well as CD based computer training options

Would we ever want the library to lend out computers so people could try them out

How to donate your used computer