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Brooksville, Maine Welcomes You!

Brooksville Maine is a small coastal town with a laid-back community

lifestyle and diverse industries from fishing to plumbing to computer 

graphics and marketing.

We hope you will enjoy our  website!  

Hello Brooksville,

What a year 2020 was and it's effects  are still lingering into 2021.  Hopefully though there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. However,  due to continued COVID-19 concerns and for your safety, as you have likely heard by now, there will not be a 2021 Annual Town Meeting this year. All articles, both municipal and school are being presented in referendum/ secret ballot form.  Though polls will be open we are asking everyone to consider voting absentee if possible. Lines may be long and inclement weather may make outside waiting difficult. 

To request an absentee ballot call the Town Office, 326-4518 on Monday or Wednesday between 9 and 2 or on Thursday evening between 6 and 8. 

Articles appearing on the ballot can be found in the green pages at the end of
your 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Town Warrant.... which you will find  below. 

As always Brooksville - Be well, stay safe, be kind and enjoy the report!


2020 Brooksville Annual Town Report






9 am to 2 pm


Municipal Election and Town Meting

March 1, 2021

10:00 am to 8:00 pm

COVID 19 Vaccination Information

Hello Brooksville,

Everyone is wondering about what to do, where to go, and will my doctor call to schedule my appointment? After a bit of research... this is what we have been able to find out! 

COVID 19 Vaccination Information:

1. Currently only first responders, medical workers, those in residential/nursing home settings, and people 70 years old and over are included in the eligible category

2. The Doctor's Office  (at least at this point) will not call you to schedule your appointment. Either you or a trusted representative must contact the entity issuing the vaccinations to schedule your appointment.  In most cases, appointments can be made online or by telephone.  (see contact information below)

3. You will need the following information when you are ready to make your appointment.  Your Name, Mailing Address, Date of Birth,  a quick Health History (yes or no), your Social Security Number, your Medicare Card... they will want the date which both parts A & B became effective (found on the bottom of the card on the right).  Some will ask your Medical provider's name.

4. If you call, you will need to be prepared to wait.  They will say "Due to the call volume you may want to call back "Do Not Hang Up, stay on hold (unless they say "We are out of vaccine, call back Monday.."),  be patient, and get a good book to pass the wait time. We have been told the average wait time is 35 minutes, but have heard some folks have gotten through sooner and others have waited 45 plus minutes.

5.  Online you will be taken through different steps to set up your appointment at a time and location convenient to you.

6. After your first vaccination appointment is scheduled they will schedule your second as well.

7.  When calling - call on Monday or Wednesday, if possible. Those are the dates new allotments of Vaccine are issued.  Although they are saying call after 2:00 PM on those days I have been told by providers to start calling after 9:00 AM as soon as they open, they will take callers they may say "Due to the call volume you may want to call back",  that means they are in and are scheduling appointments, so remember Do Not Hang Up, stay on hold.

Contact information for COVID-19 Vaccination registration in our area:
Northern Light Hospitals - they have a number of sites available. Hospitals as well as remote sites available. Close to us are Bangor both at EMMC Northern Light Health and at the Cross Center
                          Blue Hill - Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (NLH)
                          Ellsworth - Maine Coast Hospital (NLH)
Phone - 207-204-8551      Online  - northernlighthealth.org (click on the green bar)

Waldo County General Hospital with Maine Health - Belfast 
Phone - 1-877-780-7545 

Mt. Desert Hospital - MDI
Phone -207-801-5900       Online - MDIHospital.org (click on About Us)

Walmart (Store #1932 Ellsworth) or (Store  #1856 Bangor)

Sam's Club (store #6333 Bangor)

If you need help contacting these vaccination sites, please let us know, call 326-4518 on Monday or Wednesday between 9:00 and 2:00, or by email. We will try to find someone who can help navigate the process with you.

Please feel free to: contact us if you have any additional questions, or to share this message if you feel it will be helpful to a friend or neighbor. * If you have a neighbor who may not see, or receive this message please print off a copy for them if you think it would be helpful.

As always Brooksville, Stay positive, Test negative and Be kind.

Be well,
Gayle Clifford
Selectmen's Office
Town of Brooksville
PO Box 314
Brooksville, Maine 04617

Election and Referendum Articles

Hello Brooksville,

I hope you all made it through the snowstorm without any difficulties. Though it was a trifecta storm with wind, as well as light snow and rain, it didn't build up on the trees so not too many power outages.   Yay!

I wanted to let you know Absentee Ballots (AB), for both the Election and Referendum articles are now available.   Below are the steps you need to follow to receive them:
Ballots -   *You must be a registered voter in Brooksville
1. You need to request an Absentee Ballot  - either
       Call (207) 326-4518 to request or
       Pick up and complete an AB Application (they are located, in a clear pickup box, at both the Service window or beside the front door)
              Complete the AB application and return in person, by mail or, leave in the marked dropbox. 

2. Once your request is completed the Town Clerk, Amber Bakeman will release the Ballot to you.

Election and Referendum Articles
Please find below the 2021 Municipal Town Warrant listing both Election and  Referendum Articles to be voted by secret ballot, for the Town and the School Department. First is a list of contact numbers if you have questions regarding any articles or information.
* Brooksville Selectmen - 
on Wednesday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm at (207)326-4518 ask for John, Richard or Hal
on other days (207) 326-4578 John H Gray or 207-326-8217 Hal (Horace) Snow
Superintendent, Mark Hurvitt -
Monday - Friday    (207) 374-992 
* Budget and Advisory Chairman, Matt Freedman - 
(207) 326-4091               
                                                                                                                Town of Brooksville

2021 Annual Town Warrant

for Election and Town Meeting Articles Voted by Secret Ballot  


Greetings. In the name of the State of Maine, you are hereby required to notify and warn the voters of the Town of Brooksville, in said County, qualified by law to vote in Town affairs, to meet at the Brooksville Public Service Building at 10:00 AM on Monday the first (1st) day of March, A.D., 2021 to vote on the following Articles by secret ballot.


M1.  To Elect a Moderator by written ballot as provided in 30-A M.R.S.A. 2524(2).


M2.  To choose by secret ballot the following officers for the ensuing year: one Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer of the Poor, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Town Clerk, Municipal Fire Chief, Road Commissioner, Budget and Advisory Committee members, School Board members, and Planning Board members.


Open                  Office or Position             Running 

one   Selectman, Assessor, & Overseer of the Poor      Horace Snow

one   Tax Collector                                                         Yvonne Redman

one   Treasurer                                                               Freida Peasley

one   Town Clerk                                                             Amber Bakeman

one   Municipal Fire Chief                                               Matthew Dow

one   Road Commissioner                                              Mark Blake

two    Budget & Advisory Committee members              ______________    ____________

two    School Board members                                        Matthew Freedman  ____________

two    Planning Board members                                     Donald Condon        Chris Raphael


The Registrar of Voters hereby gives notice that she will be in session at the Brooksville Public Service Building at 10:00 AM on Monday the first (1st) day of March, A.D., 2021 for the purpose of updating the Voters list.

*c/o denote carry over account


M3.  Shall the Town raise and appropriate the sum of $ 243,500.00 for the Municipal  Administration Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below: *With $55,000.00 from surplus, $75,000.00 Auto excise, and  $113,500.00 Property Tax Commitment.

            Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      Employee Health / Opt Out Insurances            $     30,000.00 c/o

      Public Service Building                                            25,000.00 c/o

      Legal Account                                                          10,000.00 c/o

      Worker Comp, Unemployment & Liability Ins.           7,000.00 c/o

      Current Administration                                            140,000.00

      Social Security/ Medicare                                         17,000.00

      Assessors' Professional Assistance                          10,500.00

      GA - General Support/Assistance                               4,000.00

            Total                                                              $  243,500.00



M4. Shall the Town raise and appropriate the sum of  $ 126,887.24 for the Municipal Licensing, Dues & Fees Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below: *With $4,000.00 from Auto excise, and $122,887.24 Property Tax Commitment.

                Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      Animal Control Account                                   $      1,500.00 c/o

      Tax Anticipated Loan Fees                                      5,000.00

      Maine Municipal Association Dues                          3,254.00

      HCR/911 Alerting                                                     2,204.24

      Septic Waste Disposal Fees                                    9,000.00

      Blue Hill Surry Transfer Station 2021 Fee            105,079.00

      Hancock County Planning Commission Dues             850.00

            Total                                                           $  126,887.24           


M5. Shall the Town raise and appropriate the sum of $35,000.00 for the Municipal Park and Recreational Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below: *With $7,000.00 from Watercraft excise tax, and $28,000.00 Property Tax Commitment.

            Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      Brooksville Athletic Field                                  $     3,000.00 c/o

      Brooksville Coastal Waters & Town Landing Acct.   7,000.00 c/o

      Community Center                                                 10,000.00 c/o

      Sedgwick/ Brooksville Town Landing (Walker Pond)  15,000.00 c/o

            Total                                                               $  35,000.00

     M6. Shall the Town raise and appropriate the sum of $ 36,350.00 for the  Municipal Health and Safety Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below: *With $36,350.00 from Property Tax Commitment.

                Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      Brooksville Vol. Fire Department Account        $     30,850.00 c/o

      Municipal Street Lights                                             5,500.00

            Total                                                          $     36,350.00


M7.  Shall the Town raise and appropriate the sum of $ 362,000.00 for the Municipal Public Works Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below: *With $ 57,000.00 from surplus, $120,000.00 Auto excise, $55,000.00 LRAP(URIP) fund, and  $130,000.00  Property Tax Commitment.

            Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      Highway and Bridge Maintenance Account        $    62,000.00 c/o

      Hot Top and Resurfacing                                        145,000.00 c/o

      Winter Roads                                                          155,000.00 c/o

            Total                                                             $  362,000.00


M8.  Shall the Town raise and appropriate the sum of $ 65,000.00 for the Municipal Reserve  Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below: *With $45,000.00 from Property Tax Commitment, and $20,000.00 surplus.

                Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      BPSB Addition Construction Reserve Account  $       5,000.00 c/o

      Community Center Repair Reserve Account             15,000.00 c/o

      Salt Shed Reserve Account                                        20,000.00 c/o

      Property Revaluation Reserve Account                      10,000.00 c/o

      Fire Truck Reserve Account                                         5,000.00 c/o

      Fire Station Reserve Account                                     10,000.00 c/o

            Total                                                                 $  65,000.00


M9.  Shall the Town raise the sum of $ 51,918.00 for Municipal Donation and Support Accounts pursuant to the categories listed below:  *With $51,918.00 from Property Tax Commitment.

                Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:      YES

      BFP Library                                                         $    7,000.00

      BH Society Aid of Children                                        2,700.00

      Brooksville Cemetery Associations Maintenance      5,000.00

      Peninsula Chamber of Commerce                               100.00

      PAC Ambulance                                                      21,417.00

      Downeast Community Partners                                3,842.00

      WIC                                                                              405.00

      Community Health & Counseling                                   70.00

      Northern Light Homecare                                          4,025.00

      Hospice of Hancock County                                      1,500.00

      Eastern Area Agency on Aging                                  1,825.00

      Lifeflight                                                                        934.00

      Brooksville Historical Society                                    1,000.00

      Yesterday's Child                                                         100.00

      YMCA                                                                        2,000.00

            Total                                                               $ 51,918.00


M10. Shall the Town authorize the Select Board to A) enter into contracts and lease agreements, B) accept all State of Maine Funds or Grants, Donations and Cemetery Trust Funds, C) spend up to 25% of the budgeted amount in each category of the current annual budget during the period from Jan. 1, 2022 to the 2022 Annual Town Meeting, D) carry forward any remaining balances as of Dec. 31,2020 as verified by Audit on new and existing continuing accounts.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:            YES


M11. Shall the Town authorize the Select Board, Tax Collector and Treasurer to A) charge the State of Maine (SoM) allowable interest on unpaid property taxes after Oct. 31, 2021,B) establish and continue Investment Accounts within the Laws of the SoM during the year, C) sell and/or dispose of any real estate acquired by foreclosure and/or any surplus personal property within the Laws of the SoM, D) accept prepayment of taxes not yet committed, pursuant to 36MRSA §506 and pay interest on abated taxes at 3%  pursuant to 36MRSA §506-A.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:            YES


M12. Shall the Town authorize the Selectmen to notify DMR that the Town wishes to exercise its exclusive rights to the alewives in Brooksville between Jan. 1, 2021 to Dec. 31, 2021.

    (Established at Annual Town Meeting in March 2016. This is required by the State in order for the Town to oversee the management of the alewife migration in Brooksville. This would have to appear each year in Annual Town record as approved or failed.)

       Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:             YES


M13.   Shall the Town authorize the Select Board to change the position of Road Commissioner from elected to appointed, effective January 1, 2022.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend: Wait until open town meeting

      Selectmen Recommend                                               YES      


M14.   Shall the Town establish a continuing account for the Sea Level Rise  and Climate Change Committee and raise the sum of $ 10,000.00 to fund this account. Monies would go toward an engineering study of Brooksville's coastal infrastructure & it's vulnerability to the rising tides and changes in climate.  *With $10,000.00 from surplus.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:            YES


M15. Shall the Town accept, with the Town of Sedgwick, the donation of Map 8, Lot 28 recognized as the Walker Pond Outlet from the Maine Coast Heritage Trust? This would be a protected forever gift of land from MCHT to be managed and maintained by the Town of Brooksville and Sedgwick jointly.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:            YES


M16. Shall the Town establish a funded Peninsula Multi Town Projects Account for costs attributed to the organization, research, and development of projects which in the future may benefit the Towns interested, when entered into as a group or Co-Operative rather than individually. This would be a continuing account.   Request $10,000.00.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:            YES



S1. Shall the Town authorize the School Committee to provide one transportation route for as many secondary students as possible based on the

school's policy and budget?


S2. Shall the Town authorize the School Committee to expend state and federal funds and other receipts to operate the schools for the period July 1, 2021 to

June 30, 2022?


S3. Shall the Town authorize the School Committee to carry forward any surplus verified by the audit from the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget to be used to reduce the tax commitment for the 2021-2022 budget?


S4. Shall the Town appropriate the sum of $1,996,199.83 and raise the sum of $1,707,310.63 for the 2021-2022 school budget?

      School Committee Recommends a “Yes” Vote.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:               YES

The Town’s school budget submitted in this Question S4 totals $1,996,199.83. It includes locally raised funds to be raised in the amount of $1,707,310.63. The locally raised amount exceeds the state’s Essential Programs and Services spending model $627,785.91. This budget includes these expenditure category cost centers:


                              Expenditures                                  Proposed Amounts

                              System Administration                                     $99,438.42

                              Student Transportation                                  $119,141.68

                              Regular Instruction                                     $1,238,827.52

                              Student & Staff Support                                   $53,879.69

                              School Administration                                    $110,230.21

                              Facilities Maintenance                                   $176,115.49

                              Special Education                                         $183,046.45

                              Other Instruction                                             $15,520.37

                              All Other Expenditures                                             $0.00*

                              Total                                                            $1,996,199.83*

        * Food service is considered separately per recommendation of Maine Dept. of  Education; see question S5 which follows this article.


S5. Shall the Town expend $73,240.66 for the food service program and raise and  appropriate $49,740.56 as the local share for the July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 fiscal year; with authorization to expend any additional, incidental, or miscellaneous receipts in the interest and for the well being of the food service program.

      School Committee Recommends a “Yes” Vote.

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:               YES


S6. Shall the Town raise $10,000.00 for the Septic Reserve Account, making it $45,000.00?

      School Committee Recommends:                                  $10,000.00

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:                       YES


S7. Shall the Town raise $5,000.00 for the Technology Reserve Account, making it $10,000.00?

      School Committee Recommends:                                  $5,000.00

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:                       YES


S8. Shall the Town raise $5,000.00 for the Roof Repair Reserve Account, making it $5,000.00?

      School Committee Recommends:                                  $5,000.00

      Budget and Advisory Committee Recommend:                        YES


* All 2021 Warrant Articles will be presented in referendum form for your safety, if you would like an absentee ballot,  pick up an application at the Town House or contact the Office at 326-4518.  

Please find annual letters from the Selectmen, Chairman of the Budget and Advisory Committee, and Superintendent below:

**Brooksville Selectmen 

                This year has been a real challenge not only around the world, the nation and our state, but also right here in Brooksville.  As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic everyone's life, at least for a moment, seemed to halt in one way or another.  We quickly learned about guidelines, restrictions and safety measures. Social distancing and PPE became as common in our daily routine as getting up in the morning.  The last time the Public Service Building was open to: Walk-in Office hours, meetings, Meals for Me, quilting, Town breakfasts, Library games, exercise & crafting class or reading groups, as well as most other types of activities, was March 2020.  Almost one full year ago as you are reading this.

                You have been great in contacting the offices either by phone or email letting us know what you need, supplying us with the necessary information so that all of your paperwork, licenses, and applications could be completed and ready for you to pick up in a timely fashion. Thank you not only from the three of us but also, everyone else in the building.  Hopefully the vaccination process will go smoothly and by the end of 2021 we can all get back to a more "normal" routine. 

                In spite of COVID-19 daily life found a new way to function and the year 2020 has managed to be a busy one.  We are still open to the public and have become quite efficient in operating through a window.  The Library has also maintained hours and services through internet and curbside pickup.  The Broadband Committee continue working on internet improvement. We have entered into a Solar project agreement with Revision Energy which will hopefully reduce our carbon footprint but also supply an electrical supply alternative, for Municipal Buildings.  In 2020 we received an anonymous donation to go towards installation of a charging station.  This was a wonderful surprise and was much appreciated. It will be a great addition to Brooksville. We are looking into purchase options, setup and location.

                We have continued to work jointly with Brooklin and Sedgwick to address the future of solid waste disposal in our communities.  We are pursuing two options; forming a tri-town transfer station, and ways to stay with Blue Hill/Surry, which would be the most desirable. Together the three towns are presently working with  Blue Hill/Surry to update our contract trying to make a more equable distribution of fees between the towns.   

                This Multi-Town interaction has worked well. We are looking into forming an inter-local type of agreement so that in the future, neighbor Towns, may work together on projects. We may find it would be more viable for, and beneficial to all of the communities involved, when entered into together or as a Co-Op. We are asking for $10,000.00  to fund it. 

                We are also considering making the position of Road Commissioner an appointed one rather than elected in coming years and the question will be on this ballot,  and would take effect in 2022.  This will give the Selectmen more flexibility in finding individuals to fill the position.                

                Work with the Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC) continues.  CPC had entered into a contract with EMDC to help develop the Comprehensive Plan and Report.  After a short time we found EMDC would not able to meet the timelines they had set.  Late summer we stepped away from EMDC and re-contracted with Jarod Farn-Guillette, and the newly reorganized Hancock County Planning Commission.  The work is moving ahead nicely.  We hope to have a plan which both you and the State of Maine will approve in the coming year.

                The public landings in town are facing some challenges.  The wall at Betsy's Cove is failing.  The Harbor Committee has been working on a plan to repair it.  The cost of the repair is estimated at $600,000.00.  We may be able to get a SHIP Grant, this could reduce the town's cost a bit.   At the South Wharf Road Landing we were able to add to parking along the side of the road.  We still need to widen the access to the Beach in a way not to damage the underground telephone lines which feed to Castine. We will also plan to install cement planks on the beach to improve traction. 

                We have again been fortunate to work with Ciona Ulbrich at the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, who purchased the Outlet to Walker's Pond.  They cleaned up the site, added an improved fishway, viewing trails, and a parking area.  As with Bakeman Beach, MCHT now plans to transfer ownership over to  the residents of Brooksville. We will be presenting an article asking if the Town will accept, along with the Town of Sedgwick, the access at the Outlet to Walker's from the Maine Coast Heritage Trust.    It is hoped that both Brooksville and Sedgwick will maintain and upkeep the outlet through the Sedgwick-Brooksville Landing Committee as they have the Landing at Walker's Pond. The alewife migration into the pond has been  awaited annually by both Brooksville's friends and fowl... for many years.  With this new fishway and parking area it will continue to be for many more years.

                It does not look like the Town Salt Shed construction will happen in 2021. We will still be asking $20,000.00 be added to the reserve account, reducing the amount which will have to be borrowed when construction does move forward.

                In 2021 we will be presenting  a total Municipal Tax bill of $945,655.24 for your approval.  Our undesignated surplus was down  as was water craft excise. We did see an increase in auto excise, this was an increase which most municipalities in the State witnessed this year.  The School will be asking  $2,065,940.39 be raised and appropriated.

                Last year, as we had predicted our mil rate, did increase, but to a much larger degree than we had expected.  Each year RJD Appraisal, the assessing agency we work with, keeps an eye on property sales.  Over the prior 3 years waterfront, property sale pricing had been noticeably dropping.  Despite our being  amid a pandemic, the Assessors felt this could not go another year without being addressed.  That decision hit us hard, especially as all inland sales over the same period of time had remained relatively level.  In order to  bring both waterfront and inland assessment within the State recommended range, waterfront property assessments were adjusted down by nearly 30 percent.   We wish we could have put this off another year but the issue had to be addressed.  By taking roughly 30% of the valuation off all waterfront properties our total municipal valuation dropped by approximately 17%, this resulted in our overall mil rate going from .00572 to .0068, with inland properties receiving the full increase on unadjusted valuations.  Though we sent out a letter in August explaining this change we again wanted to mention that the decision has weighed heavily on our minds. Though mil rates do go up we never take lightly the affect these changes will have on each of you.

                In ending we would like to say thank you to each of you for hanging in there.  We appreciate all of you, and the way you genuinely care about our Town.  As a community we are very fortunate, you are what keeps ..... our 200+  year old Town.... growing strong.  You make  Brooksville - HOME!   We hope you will enjoy this annual report not only for the financial records within, but also for the memories. Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted,

John H Gray, Chairman     Richard M Bakeman      Horace A Snow

**Brooksville Budget & Advisory Report 2021

   Well, that was quite the year. We managed to hold a normal, in-person Town Meeting on the first Tuesday in March, but just a few days later the door slammed shut. Many of the community events that are such a large part of town life were put on hold. No school concerts, breakfasts at the Community Center, Meals for Me at the Town House, steelband street dances or ball games. However, the citizens of Brooksville are resilient and creative. We have adapted and life goes on. School opened in September with new safety protocols and lots of hard work and cooperation on the part of everyone involved. The library and the market went curbside, nourishing mind and body. The crew at the Town House, with plastic curtains and a takeout window, worked hard to keep the wheels of Town government turning so that every truck was registered and every dog licensed. Last, and maybe least, your Budget Committee, through the magic of Zoom, managed to review the budget for the upcoming year just like we always do. Here are some of the things we talked about:

   The Community Center lost all its revenue from events and fundraisers, but the committee continues to take care of the facility, looking forward to its re opening. Pandemic or no, the need to maintain the building remains. Both the roof and the front porch are badly in need of repair. Towards this we have recommended adding $15,000 to the Community Center major repair reserve account.

   We also recommended adding $20,000 to the Salt Shed reserve account and $10,000 to the Fire Station reserve account. The Selectmen also requested $10,000 to be put in a reserve account for the Rising Tide Committee to study the effects of sea level rise and other climate issues on the Town’s public infrastructure, including roads, bridges, culverts & landings. Most other requests were fairly flat, and the amount to be raised by taxation for the municipal articles was down slightly over last year.

    Two items which are not on the warrant but may come up at a special town meeting later in the year are the repairs to Betsy’s Cove and the salt shed. Others will go into more detail, but the engineering study funded last year for rebuilding the retaining wall at the landing was completed and the project is ready to go out to bid. The Town has secured a $250,000 grant from the state and, once a firm price and the approval of the voters are secured, the town will borrow the rest at a very low rate of interest. Our thanks to the Harbor Committee for their work on this project.

   We’re working (slowly, I know) on firming up plans for the salt shed, so we may be able to address it at that same special town meeting as the Betsy’s Cove project.

   Another thing that will be different this year will be the format of our Town Meeting. The voting for all articles for both the municipal and school budgets will be by written ballot. This vote will take place on Monday March 1, along with the regular elections for town offices. Absentee ballots will be available and others will go into this in more detail. Both the town and the school are working on community outreach to make sure everyone has all the information they need to make informed decisions.

    Two members of this committee are retiring this year. Our thanks to Pam Storm and David Zachow for their thoughtful and steady participation in this process.

    In closing, we would like to offer our condolences to all who have lost loved ones during this challenging time, and we encourage everyone to keep working together to support our community. Stay safe and be kind.

 Respectfully submitted,

Matthew Freedman, Chair,  John Kimball, Secretary, Earl Clifford, Jr., Dana Hooper,  Pam Storm, Andrew Ladd, and David Zachow

** Superintendent Union 93

To the Citizens of Brooksville:

The proposed expenditure budget for the school is up $43,555.55 or 2.15%. In this COVID year, we have tried to keep new spending down. We are asking for one more day of nurse services (making it two), but that is the only new position. We have included $35,000.00 for GSA’s request of $1,000.00 more than state tuition for each high school student. And, we have included a $13,000.00 proposed environmental engineering study of the school building. Aside from that, it’s a maintenance budget.


I realize that doing Town Meeting by referendum this year is different for everyone, and I hope you will contact me, Cammie Fowler, or Matt Freedman before March 1st if you have any questions about the proposed school budget.


This has certainly been a strange year. Up to this point, we have only had one remote week (November) because of COVID protocols. I write this on January 21st . So, we have been doing amazingly well with keeping kids in school in Brooksville in the midst of the pandemic. Only 22% of Maine schools are in session every day, and Brooksville is one of them. However, this all could change by the time you are reading this! We are going week by week. So far, so good.


State subsidy is $107,982.24 for 2020-21. My guess is $86,385.79 for 2021-22 (20% less). That figure will be set in June.

 It has been my pleasure to have served as Superintendent in Brooksville for 15 Town Meetings!



Mark Hurvitt


Ok, I guess that is it. Never hesitate to contact the office (326-4518) if you would like additional information forwarded or have questions.  Although the Open Town House Polling Hours will be Monday March 1, 2021, between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, we recommend voting Absentee.  For your safety, due to COVID 19 the number of people who can be in the building at any one time is limited, waiting lines may be long, and as the weather is an unknown waiting outside may be problematic.... please if possible plan to vote Absentee.  Thank you.

As always please feel free to share this email.

Be well, Stay safe, and Be kind,



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